"God  cares for the poor

and always provides opportunity for people to help".

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At the end of the initial trip, we wondered how to develop a viable charity program.

A local Vietnamese man requested a visit. He also was a wheelchair person and could relate to life issues of the disabled. In the fragile frame of his twisted body, we found a very big heart and superior knowledge to be the right choice for our program coordinator. Mr. Hanh is truly a God-sent blessing to Eye Wheel Help .

Back in Canada, rain had damaged our roof. A roofer offered help, not only fixing it for free but assisting us in next trip to Vietnam. His assistance enabled us to buy locally 30 brand new wheelchairs and 30 eye surgeries in the following year 2008.

   The first wheelchair at the leper village. Mr. Hanh and the roofer (2007)

  Then a lovely pharmacy couple donated a container of refurbished wheelchairs. From 8 wheelchairs in 2007 to 380 wheelchairs in 2008, what a marvelous increase

 The pharmacists and the 380 wheelchairs (2008)

Then in 2009, while we already made a promise to deliver these life changing gifts, the infamous economic collapse struck. Many were unemployed. In faith we held a fundraising dinner. Of some 50 guests we raised $8,000 which provided 100 wheelchairs and 50 eye surgeries!

The gifts were not just sacrificial, but also creative; A teenager emptied her piggy bank, a woman organized 50/50 raffle among her friends, one IT person donated thirteen laptops, which were exchanged for wheelchairs. Others committed 1/10 of income to help the cause and a businessman, who donated not just money, but plane tickets through air miles. Such a great community effort.

“Eye Wheel Help” effectively connects donors, volunteers and patients in human kindness and God’s love.

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