ďThe most terrible poverty is loneliness and feeling unloved"

(Mother Theresa)

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Many wish to have a tiny fraction of what a healthy person has: mobility, income, social acceptance...

They are handicap at birth, war victims, survivors of accidents, heart stroke patients, the visually impaired.

On the street some must live by begging, selling lottery tickets...

Beyond poverty and physical pain, they endure low self esteem and social rejection.

The element is extra harsh on them: In dry season, the pavement is overheated. During the monsoon, the mud puddles are impassable.

They drag themselves on the ground, where people spit, animals make waste and lurking insects bite, often poisonous.

Sitting by the curbside, they are much too close to passing vehicles. All day long they breath in toxic fumes... And vehicle splash adds constant insult to their injury.

Throughout their life they just peer at others knees and feet.

At home, a visually impaired mother gets burnt by cooking...Weary caregivers help elderly parents, thus one less person to earn income.

In the orphanage, a nun tries to care for ten vegetative children laying on the floor...

The disabled are constantly reminded that "their suffering is the result of wickedness in their past life. Itís karma!"  Why then should they be helped?


From left: A war veteran, children with birth defects, elderly lepers.

Right: A blind mom showed burnt hand while frying fish with boiling oil.

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