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   Wheelchairs For Leprous Patients

  Wheelchairs For Severely Disabled Children

   Wheelchairs Traffic Jam

   Best of Both Worlds: Wheelchair and Boat

   Wheelchair Crosses Busy Highway 

   A Day At Eye Surgery Clinics

   A Happy Wheelchair Recipient 

   A Visit To Lepers Village

   Why These Children Need Wheelchairs

   Wheelchair Gifts For The Elderly

   Wheelchairs Given At Homes

    Landmine Victims In Cambodia

    Have You Seen The Young Man


Inspirational images


In our travels, we see some cases where a wheelchair is not optional, example: a stroke patient takes care of elderly mother. How can they live without a wheelchair? (Above-left photo credit: Facebook)

Some recipients are extremely poor and destitute.

There was an elderly brother and sister who were neighbors. Being bed-ridden, they hadn't seen each other for ten years, until we wheeled them out for a visit on new wheelchairs.


By bus, bike and boat... even so, this bamboo hut in mangrove jungle can only be accessible few hours on the high tide...


Home made wheelchairs

The left one was found at a hospital and right one on the high way. With one leg this young beggar "paddles" himself 10 km each day, in the rain and heat ...



Right after their wedding, an young groom was struck by a motorbike and was completely paralyzed. The young bride chose to stay to serve him. For 26 years she has cared for him and tried to make income by picking tea leaves. Now they received a wheelchair, she knew her prayer for help was answered.

Kim Tien, 30 year old paralyzed woman, was raising 3 homeless children by selling lottery tickets. The flowers were given to us by officials, but we presented to her, because she is the hero. This was the first bouquet in her life.

We can learn so much love from the disabled and the caregivers in their predicaments.




This is a blind teenager who does embroidery. She can thread the needle: One hand holds a needle in front of her mouth, another hand pokes the thread by trials, then she feels the thread tip with her tongue. She remembers the layout of a tray with color threads set before her.

Glass flowers made by severely handicap people. 

Calloused knees.

This man has dragged himself on the ground for 60 years. Yet, he provided for his family of five through hard farm work.

The disabled are incredibly resilient. Imagine what can they do if they could have eye surgery or wheelchair earlier.



Vegetative children ... Caring for one is hard enough, but ten? With wheelchairs, it became much easier. Feed and clean them at the eye level, bath them and take out for fresh air with help of other healthy children...


"The black duck"

This sweet lady insisted that we receive a gift from her. Usually ducks are white, but a rare black duck makes a better gift. The dilemma was that she tried to catch the black duck at night. It was quite a commotion with lots of noise and flashlight flares. Then she lost her place in the line for our doctor check up and medicine. But she appreciated our visit so much.

Despite the poverty, people are very hospitable.


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