"The darkest night will end and the sun will rise", Victor Hugo.

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In 1972, the world was shocked by a photo of the "Napalm Girl" as the 9 year old burning child fleeing bomb fire. Her brother was also running, just few feet in front of her. Many wonder what can be done for the war victims

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2008, a humble man asked us to help his people. He actually was that brother. With his assistance, we delivered hundreds of wheelchairs and performed many eye operations in Tay-Ninh province. We feel privileged to be God’s agents for healing.


Kim P. (1972) and Mr. Ngoc her brother (2008)

In 2012, we had two days left of our busy distribution trip. Late at night, weary and hungry, we stopped at a roadside restaurant just before it closed. Surprisingly, in walked an 84 year old lottery ticket seller, whom we then recognized as our eye patient couple days earlier!

The gauze was still on his eye. He lived alone, slept at night on a cold bench in the market and ate left-over at the restaurant where we stopped. Seeing this as a “Divine Appointment” in an obscure town, we were able to give him further provisions such as  food, blankets, clothing and medicine.



Random road side reunion, and 2 days earlier at eye clinics


In 2013 we traveled to Cambodia. Upon arrival, we received the news that their Premier just died in a car accident on the way to take part in our wheelchair reception. At the funeral, the Deputy Prime Minister recognized us as the special delegation from Canada. Traveling light and practical, none of us had any formal attire. But in the long line of honored guests, we were placed just behind the second leader of government.

In 2014, in another occasion, our group was hosted at home by a retired Deputy Prime Minister. While not seeking recognition, our sincere charity work touched the hearts of some highest ranking officials of the land.



Eye Wheel Help on National TV.     A meal at the Deputy Prime Minister



In Sa-dec, a retired teacher was so grateful to receive a wheelchair for her 30 year old son who is in a vegetative state. So touched by our practical love, she asked about the banner that we set up:  “Love your neighbor as yourself, is it God’s teaching?”


In Nghe-an, we met a 25 year old girl, whose foot was amputated. She just wanted to die. We were able to provide her a new wheelchair. Later, an NGO provided her with a prosthetics and a laptop. She was then trained and works as a Photoshop technician. She also assisted us on many charity trips. Her story is a testimony of how life can be radically changed and of how God works through a network of caring people.

 Left: The teacher with 30 yrs old son;     Right: T he "Miracle Girl".

The Miracle Girl chose her new name: "Thien Thanh", that means "Divine Peace".

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